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Burn The Cure Music 24/10/03 Match
The Portrait of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde Books 01/10/03 Match
Lord of the Rings _ The Two Towers Peter Jackson DVD 01/10/03 Match
Ava Adore Smashing Pumpkins Music 01/10/03 Match
Daylight Coldplay Music 01/10/03 Match
My Immortal Evanescence Music 12/09/03 Match
The Bell Jar Sylvia Platt Books 12/09/03 Match
The Hours Stephen Daldry DVD 12/09/03 Match
Just Like Heaven The Cure Music 14/08/03 Match
The Pianist Roman Polansky VHS 14/08/03 Match
Love in the Vein Poppy Z. Brite Books 14/08/03 Match
Full of Grace Sarah McLachlan Music 14/08/03 Match
Zero The Smashing Pumpkins Music 14/06/03 Match
Inertia Creeps Masssive Attack Music 14/06/03 Match
Silence Sarah McLachlan Music 12/06/03 Match
All Mine Portishead Music 10/06/03 Match
Paradise Lost John Milton Books 02/06/03 Match
Requiem for a Dream Darren Aronofsky VHS 02/06/03 Match
Stay U2 Music 30/05/03 Match
Wings of Desire Wim Wenders VHS 30/05/03 Match
City of Angels Soundtrack Music 30/05/03 Match
Snatch Guy Ritchie VHS 25/05/03 Match
Dead Souls Nine Inch Nails Music 25/05/03 Match
Save Tonight Eagle- Eyed Cherry Music 25/05/03 Match
Love Removal Machine The Cult Music 25/05/03 Match
Trouble Coldplay Music 25/05/03 Match
Fuzzy Grant Lee Buffalo Music 25/05/03 Match
The Dream Within Lara Fabian Music 21/05/03 Match
Interview with the Vampire Neil Jordan VHS 21/05/03 Match
The Pretty Things are Going to Hell David Bowie Music 21/05/03 Match
The Mists of Avalon Marion Bradley Zimmerman Books 21/05/03 Match
A Simple Twist of Fate Concrete Blonde Music 21/05/03 Match
Enter The Matrix The Warchowsky Brothers Videogames I really want to play this game! 21/05/03 Match
The Lord of the Rings _ The Fellowship of the Ring Peter Jackson VHS 21/05/03 Match