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Wacondah's rank is: Martial Arts Sensei, gathered from 25 people.
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Life of Pi Yann Martel Books Curious to read whether the reviews were right 08/08/03 Match
Pattern Recognition William Gibson Books Cyberpunk goes 21st Century 21/05/03 Match
Madonna Die another day (from the Bond Movie) Music From the lousy movie, but put it on and HIT the streets... 13/05/03 Match
Snow Crash Neal Stephenson Books Cyberpunk author from Cryptonomicon goes Gibson-style: read it: WONDERFUL! 13/05/03 Match
Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack Various / Don Davis Music Whoah! There is no spoon 13/05/03 Match
The Flâneur Edmund White Books Great stories about walking in Paris 30/04/03 Match
100th Window Massive Attack Music 25/04/03 Match
Profuma di Donna X? DVD Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman" was great, this movie is better 25/04/03 Match
The Thomas Crown Affair the Steve McQueen Version DVD 25/04/03 Match
Itoru Kodo Music Japanese Drums 25/04/03 Match
Philosphy & the Matrix various Books Prepare for the 16th of May 25/04/03 Match