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Can't Hardly Wait Deborah Kaplan DVD surprisingly good, actually, considering its inherent nature 16/03/03 Match
No Name Face Lifehouse Music 10/03/03 Match
A Gathering of Old Men Ernest Gaines Books 26/02/03 Match
Ten to Midnight Toby Murray Books 21/02/03 Match
Unplugged Eric Clapton Music 11/02/03 Match
Daytona Ed Hinton Books 10/02/03 Match
Gettysburg Ronald F. Maxwell DVD 26/01/03 Match
Anywhere but here Wayne Wang DVD 26/01/03 Match
Tuesday Night Music Club Sheryl Crow Music 24/01/03 Match
Hoobastank Hoobastank Music 22/01/03 Match
C'mon, C'mon Sheryl Crow Music 20/01/03 Match
Debt of Honor Tom Clancy Books 20/01/03 Match
Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane Books 16/01/03 Match
Nellyville Nelly Music 15/01/03 Match
F1 2002 EA Videogames Nurburgring...drool... 13/01/03 Match
The Bear and the Dragon Tom Clancy Books 12/01/03 Match
Broadcast News James Brooks VHS 09/01/03 Match
Globe Sessions Sheryl Crow Music 08/01/03 Match
Driven Renny Harlin DVD Emotionally weak, extra-unrealistic special effects, poor acting. 06/01/03 Match
Grand Prix John Frankenheimer VHS 05/01/03 Match
My Favorite Mistake Sheryl Crow Music 05/01/03 Match
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ang Lee DVD 03/01/03 Match
Splurge Nelly Music 03/01/03 Match
Enjoy the silence Depeche Mode Music 03/01/03 Match