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King Kong - Peter Jackson - DVD humor, adventure, and lots of heart. the relationship between king kong and naomi watts' character is magical. there should be a law that only peter jackson can do remakes. 02/05/06 Match
Capote - Bennett Miller - DVD i've long been a fan of philip seymour hoffman and his performance here is nothing less than outstanding. overall the film works on an intellectual level. 02/05/06 Match
A History of Violence - David Cronenberg - DVD engrossing first half, then it kind of spins out of control. still there are some really great quiet moments and it definitely leaves you contemplating human nature. 29/04/06 Match
Walk the Line - James Mangold - DVD the performances are great and the story unfolds perfectly. the love story here really pulled at my heart strings. if only we could all be so lucky to find what those two did together. 02/04/06 Match
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Mike Newell - DVD darkest yet. no complaints. 26/03/06 Match
House of Flying Daggers - Yimou Zhang - DVD visually amazing as was hero, and one of my favorites of all time.. raise the red lantern also by zhang... the story and character development in the former led to a much more emotionally powerful film than this one but it is still worth seeing for the visuals alone. 26/03/06 Match
Wedding Crashers - David Dobkin - DVD overall a funny film but could have done without all the sappiness of owen wilson's character. he just irks me when he's trying to be serious. 19/03/06 Match
Mindhunters - Renny Harlin - DVD moves quickly and is passable as mindless entertainment. ironically the girl at the library advised me to pay close attention to follow this one. 19/03/06 Match
The Devil's Rejects - Rob Zombie - DVD well made film, does what it sets out to do. 19/03/06 Match
Crash - Paul Haggis - DVD thought provoking film worth a look 17/03/06 Match
Red Eye - Wes Craven - DVD much better than flightplan, i'm really digging rachel mcadams 17/03/06 Match
Flightplan - Robert Schwentke - DVD extremely predictable and overall dissapointing film 17/03/06 Match
The Skeleton Key - Iain Softley - DVD works okay as a mystery but there's nothing really scary about this film 17/03/06 Match
Kicking & Screaming - Jesse Dylan - DVD definitely has it's moments 17/03/06 Match
Godsend - Nick Hamm - DVD complete and utter waste of time 17/03/06 Match
The Notebook - Nick Cassavetes - DVD i loved, loved, loved this movie. ryan gosling and rachel mcadams had amazing chemistry. 17/03/06 Match
Gossip - Davis Guggenheim - DVD decent premise, bad movie 17/03/06 Match
The In-Laws - Andrew Fleming - DVD funny remake. albert brooks is hilarious. 17/03/06 Match
Welcome to Mooseport - Donald Petrie - DVD occassionally funny but not quite as good as i had hoped 17/03/06 Match
Ladder 49 - Jay Russell - DVD pretty good film with three-dimensional characters 17/03/06 Match
The Human Stain - Robert Benton - DVD good story but lead character is seriously miscast 17/03/06 Match
City Hall - Harold Becker - DVD nothing special 17/03/06 Match
Open Range - Kevin Costner - DVD a really good old-fashioned western 17/03/06 Match
The Interpreter - Sydney Pollack - DVD decent political thriller 17/03/06 Match
The Wedding Date - Clare Kilner - DVD billed as a romantic comedy it works as neither 17/03/06 Match
Home for the Holidays - Jodie Foster - DVD funny and obnoxious little film with a talented cast. 17/03/06 Match
October Sky - Joe Johnston - DVD a really great family film based on a true story 17/03/06 Match
The Forgotten - Joseph Ruben - DVD you will seriously want to forget this movie. 17/03/06 Match
Hearts in Atlantis - Scott Hicks - DVD i really liked this movie based on the book by stephen king 17/03/06 Match
Road to Perdition - Sam Mendes - DVD good, solid film 17/03/06 Match
A Very Long Engagement - Jean-Pierre Jeunet - DVD visually stunning but drags at times 17/03/06 Match
The Butterfly Effect - Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber - DVD surprisingly good 17/03/06 Match
True Crime - Clint Eastwood - DVD decent film 17/03/06 Match
The Hours - Stephen Daldry - DVD this film really surprised me. all the female lead performances were great and the interweaving of the lives of the three women worked really well. 17/03/06 Match
Cursed - Wes Craven - DVD cheesy in a bad way 17/03/06 Match
Ray - Taylor Hackford - DVD worth a look for foxx's oscar winning portrayal of ray charles. 17/03/06 Match
Garden State - Zach Braff - DVD i liked this film. it's subjective though, some may find it hard to relate to the detachment of the main character. 17/03/06 Match
The Shipping News - Lasse Hallstrom - DVD i was captivated by the newfoundland location but the quirkiness of the film was unpleasantly contrived 17/03/06 Match
Sahara - Breck Eisner - DVD could have passed for some mindless entertainment but instead leaves much to be desired 17/03/06 Match
Finding Neverland - Marc Foster - DVD great performances all around and works extremely well on an emotional level 17/03/06 Match
Under the Tuscan Sun - Audrey Wells - DVD the filming location was enough to satisfy me but an added bonus was an intriguing array of supporting characters 17/03/06 Match
Birthday Girl - Jez Butterworth - DVD nothing spectacular here other than watching Nichole Kidman play a russian mail order bride 17/03/06 Match
White Noise - Geoffrey Sax - DVD snooze fest 17/03/06 Match
The Alamo - John Lee Hancock - DVD historically accurate depiction but other than billy bob thorton's portrayal of davy crockett the film is pretty forgettable 17/03/06 Match
The Jacket - John Maybury - DVD time travel theme here can be a little too tedious at times 17/03/06 Match
The Core - Jon Amiel - DVD enjoyable over-the-top sci fi 17/03/06 Match
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Peter Weber - DVD simple film with good cinematography and interesting look at the artistic process 16/03/06 Match
All the Real Girls - David Gordon Green - DVD low key, realistic look at young love. loved the scene in the bowling alley with the two main characters. also, i could really see my own youth in noel's (zooey deschanel) awkwardness and inability to articulate her feelings. 01/09/05 Match
Schindler's List - Steven Spielberg - DVD i avoided seeing this film because of the depressing subject matter but after finally seeing it i'm ironically left with a renewed hope that one person can make a difference in the world. 30/08/05 Match
National Treasure - John Turteltaub - DVD this movie was really panned by the critics but i thought it was passable entertainment. sometimes you just don't want to have to think too much. ya know? 30/08/05 Match
Wild Strawberries - Ingmar Bergman - DVD beautiful film as only bergman could make. substance and style. 25/08/05 Match
Sin City - Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino - DVD i would have really preferred to see this in the theatre. it is visually stunning but i've grown quite bored lately with style over substance. the pendulum is swinging once again. 25/08/05 Match
Dawn of the Dead (2004) - Zack Snyder - DVD pleasantly surprised. not a bad remake at all. 25/08/05 Match
Constantine - Francis Lawrence - DVD lost patience with script and reeve's performance. good special effects and three dimensional performance by weisz. 25/08/05 Match
Kung Fu Hustle - Stephen Chow - DVD So much fun!! 13/08/05 Match
The Upside of Anger - Mike Binder - DVD good writing and acting. funny, smart, and honest. 12/08/05 Match
Spring Forward - Tom Gilroy - DVD simple and lovely. definitely recommended. 12/08/05 Match
Hostage - Florent Emilio Siri - DVD pretty enjoyable action/thriller with a dark edge and some nice camerawork. 12/08/05 Match
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone - Robert Allan Ackerman - DVD i have not seen the original film with vivien leigh but i love tennessee williams so i decided to take a look at this showtime movie. it left me with mixed feelings. it's not bad for a cable adaptation.. however, i just don't think i could honestly recommend it. 12/08/05 Match
The Statement - Norman Jewison - DVD intriguing subject matter but overall disappointing 12/08/05 Match
A Mighty Wind - Christopher Guest - DVD so glad i finally saw this. funny stuff. eugene levy is hilarious as mitch. entire cast is superb. 05/08/05 Match
Cold Creek Manor - Mike Figgis - DVD awkward and unintentionally funny. 05/08/05 Match
Million Dollar Baby - Clint Eastwood - DVD three powerful performances exploring heavy themes unabashedly 02/08/05 Match
Dummy - Greg Pritikin - DVD romantic comedy about following your dreams. funny and fearless. 02/08/05 Match
21 grams - Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu - DVD compelling tale of tragedy and redemption that slowly unravels piece by piece. 02/08/05 Match
Far From Heaven - Todd Haynes - DVD simply georgeous melodrama. julianne moore should have won the oscar that year instead of nicole kidman. 02/08/05 Match
Mystic River - Clint Eastwood - DVD painful and honest 02/08/05 Match
Auto Focus - Paul Schrader - DVD worth a look. i love films like this with a contrast between tone and atmosphere. 13/07/05 Match
Charlotte Gray - Gillian Armstrong - DVD cate blanchett is brilliant as usual, film is flawed but pretty good 13/07/05 Match
Hitch - Andy Tennant - DVD enjoyable and quite funny piece of hollywood fluff 09/07/05 Match
The Man from Elysian Fields - George Hickenlooper - DVD character driven film with wonderful perfomances all around. it's nice to find such a soulful film in these cynical times. 09/07/05 Match
Buffalo Soldiers - Gregor Jordon - DVD {"when there is peace, the warlike man attacks himself" - that's nietzsche, and his point is that there really is no peace. there's always some war, somewhere, with someone. and there are no winners or losers either... just those who are still around to fight another day.} - that's from a voiceover by joaquin phoenix in this dark comedy. if i hadn't heard so many similar stories from my ex who was also stationed in germany before the fall of the berlin wall, i might be inclined to say that it's subversive tone was almost cliche. 09/07/05 Match
Suspect Zero - E. Elias Merhige - DVD subject matter of remote viewing is interesting but the dialogue is crappy and film never really gels 08/07/05 Match
The Grey Zone - Tim Blake Nelson - DVD - heartwrenching and unforgettable account of the holocaust inspired by the uprising of Oct. 7, 1944, by members of the 12th Sonder-kommando 08/07/05 Match
Timeline - Richard Donner - DVD nothing special. not recommended. 08/07/05 Match
The Machinist - Brad Anderson - DVD surreal and masochistic. perversely interesting. 01/07/05 Match
Seed of Chucky - Don Mancini - DVD campy, tacky fun for the most part 01/07/05 Match
The Aviator - Martin Scorsese - DVD insightful and decadent. lovely. ugly. haunting. 17/06/05 Match
Diarios de motocicleta - Walter Salles - DVD brilliantly crafted. inspiring cinematography and acting.. 17/06/05 Match
Blade: Trinity - David S. Goyer - DVD not recommended. annoying cast. i didn't even like parker's role. the dialogue is dreadful and i was disappointed because i liked the first two flicks. 26/05/05 Match
Hotel Rwanda - Terry George - DVD powerful and inspiring account of one man's courage in the midst of genocide, everyone should see this 10/05/05 Match
Spanglish - James L. Brooks - DVD great character development and some really funny moments 20/04/05 Match
Sideways - Alexander Payne - DVD lots of laughs and heart 09/04/05 Match
Alfie - Charles Shyer - DVD not bad, not great, but it's jude law so who cares 28/03/05 Match
I <3 Huckabees - David O. Russell - DVD really enjoyed this existential comedy. i laughed quite a bit at the absurdity of it all. 06/03/05 Match
Eulogy - Michael Clancy - DVD definitely some laugh out loud moments, not great but worth a look 28/02/05 Match
Shuan of the Dead - Edgar Wright - DVD this movie was so good, it's really funny and comes highly recommended 02/02/05 Match
The Village - M. Night Shyamalan - DVD not as bad as i had heard, some of the reviews i've read are more pretentious than the actual film itself 28/01/05 Match