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We Might As Well Be Strangers Keane Music 20/08/05 Match
A Tisket A Tasket Ella Fitzgerald Music 16/08/05 Match
Slide Show Travis Music 16/08/05 Match
One for Melinda Pete Marinovich Music 16/08/05 Match
Book of Days Enya Music 16/08/05 Match
Say Goodbye The Dave Matthews Band Music 16/08/05 Match
I Predict a Riot The Kaiser Chiefs Music 16/08/05 Match
Endlessly Muse Music 16/08/05 Match
Glastonbury Song The Waterboys Music 16/08/05 Match
Thank God For The Blues Pat Cisararo Music 16/08/05 Match
Hey Now Now The Cloud Room Music 16/08/05 Match
Lips Like Sugar Echo and The Bunnyman Music 16/08/05 Match
Big Stripey Lie Kate Bush Music 18/07/05 Match
What Love Can Do Without Bullette Music 18/07/05 Match
It Couldn't Happen Here Pet Shop Boys Music 18/07/05 Match
Underground Ben Folds Five Music 18/07/05 Match
Message of Love Pretenders Music Version from KFOG's Live From The Archives 8 18/07/05 Match
In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down) Ella Fitzgerald Music 18/07/05 Match
Son Tutta Duolo Cecilia Bartoli Music 18/07/05 Match
So Much To Say Dave Matthews Band Music 18/07/05 Match
This Is The Last Time Keane Music 18/07/05 Match
Love My Way Psychedelic Furs Music Acoustic version from KFOG's Live From The Archives 8 18/07/05 Match
Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) The Eels Music 18/07/05 Match
Motion and Heart Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Music 18/07/05 Match
Citizen Erased Muse Music 18/07/05 Match
Gracie Ben Folds Music 18/07/05 Match
Talk To Me Leann Rimes Music 18/07/05 Match
Inspection Wise 1999 The Hives Music 18/07/05 Match
Pantala Naga Pampa Dave Matthews Band Music 18/07/05 Match
Vocalise English Chamber Orchestra Music 18/07/05 Match
Raspberry Swirl Tori Amos Music 18/07/05 Match
I Turn My Camera On Spoon Music 17/07/05 Match
Pluto Bjork Music 17/07/05 Match
Hey Now Now The Cloud Room Music 17/07/05 Match
Mer The Little Things Music 17/07/05 Match
Banquet Bloc Party Music 30/05/05 Match
Give Judy My Notice Ben Folds Music 30/05/05 Match
Jackson Cannery Ben Folds Five Music 22/05/05 Match
Bastard Ben Folds Music 22/05/05 Match
Writing to Reach You Travis Music 22/05/05 Match
Butterflies and Hurricanes Muse Music 22/05/05 Match
Cowboys and Kisses Anastacia Music 16/05/05 Match
Jesusland Ben Folds Music 16/05/05 Match
Bend and Break Keane Music 16/05/05 Match
New Born Muse Music 16/05/05 Match
In A Funny Way Mercury Rev Music 25/03/05 Match
Voluro Bjork Music 25/03/05 Match
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine The Killers Music 25/03/05 Match
MIA MIA Music 25/03/05 Match
Not Even Jail Interpol Music 25/03/05 Match
Dear Janet Jackson Richard Thompson Music "If you must shove your titties in somebody's face, shove it in a babys" 19/03/05 Match
Stockholm Syndrome Muse Music It hits a little too close to home, but I luv it anyway... 19/03/05 Match
Hysteria Muse Music 19/03/05 Match
Butterflies and Hurricanes Muse Music 19/03/05 Match
Eating Glass Bloc Party Music 19/03/05 Match
Such Great Heights The Postal Service Music 19/03/05 Match
We Can Have It The Dears Music 19/03/05 Match
Stockholm Syndrome Muse Music 19/03/05 Match
Lift Me Up Moby Music "The best song Depeche Mode never recorded" - James Masterson, Dotmusic. Agree? 13/03/05 Match
They Want It All Crosby and Nash Music 13/03/05 Match
Let's Roll The Stills Music 05/03/05 Match
Hurricane Ani DiFranco Music 05/03/05 Match
Lengende Gypsy Kings Music 05/03/05 Match
Human Behavior Bjork Music 05/03/05 Match
The Warming Sun Grandaddy Music 03/03/05 Match
Sights and Sounds of Londontown Richard Thompson Music 03/03/05 Match
Paranoid Android Radiohead Music 01/03/05 Match
Sing for Absolution Muse Music 01/03/05 Match
Take Me Out Scissor Sisters Music 27/02/05 Match
Hey Ya Outkast Music 26/02/05 Match
Unforgettable Fire U2 Music 26/02/05 Match
Miles End Gomez Music 26/02/05 Match
Got A Right To Be Wrong Joss Stone Music 26/02/05 Match
Sideways Citizen Cope Music 26/02/05 Match
Beautiful People If 60's Were 90's Music 26/02/05 Match
Filthy/Gorgeous Scissor Sisters Music 26/02/05 Match
Female of the Species Space Music 26/02/05 Match
The Workout Utadu Hikaru Music 26/02/05 Match
Easier to Lie Aqualung Music 26/02/05 Match
All The Money's Gone Greg Brown Music 26/02/05 Match
Stripping Cane Jeffery Foucault Music 26/02/05 Match
Apocolypse Please Muse Music 26/02/05 Match
Black and White Town The Doves Music 26/02/05 Match
Logic of a Friend Badly Drawn Boy Music 17/02/05 Match
I Predict a Riot Kaiser Chiefs Music 17/02/05 Match
Carry Me Patty Griffin Music 16/02/05 Match
Checkin' It Out Van Morrison Music 16/02/05 Match
The Fiery Furnaces Quay Cur Music 16/02/05 Match
Of Montreal Chrissy Kiss Music 16/02/05 Match
Ghosts Japan Music 16/02/05 Match
This Fire Franz Ferdinand Music 07/02/05 Match
RUn Snow Patrol Music 07/02/05 Match
Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield Music 06/02/05 Match
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own U2 Music 06/02/05 Match
Smile Like You Mean It The Killers Music 27/01/05 Match
Ami Oh African Connection Music 27/01/05 Match
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road Lucinda Williams Music 27/01/05 Match
Out of Nowhere Auralast Music 26/01/05 Match
Private Parts Howard Stern DVD NEVER rent anything from 26/01/05 Match
Take Me Out Scissor Sisters Music I like this version a little better than the Franz Ferdinand one. 26/01/05 Match
I Predict a Riot Kaiser Chiefs Music 26/01/05 Match
Misunderstood Robbie Williams Music Yes, I can't believe I'm listening to this either... 21/01/05 Match
The Ocean VHS or Beta Music 21/01/05 Match
The Sound of Your Name Le Concorde Music 21/01/05 Match
Reversal The Church Music 19/01/05 Match
Swim Ambulance Ltd. Music 19/01/05 Match
Moonlight M13 Ian Brown Music 19/01/05 Match
the Melting Moon VHS or Beta Music kinda Cure-ish... 19/01/05 Match
John Stewart commenting on the Boxer/Rice Catfight from earlier today on... The Daily Show VHS 18/01/05 Match
Countdown Keith Olberman VHS Well, it's not really a VHS, but there's not catagory for TV shows... 18/01/05 Match
Private Eyes Daryl Hall and John Oates Music 18/01/05 Match
Jenny Was A Friend of Mine The Killers Music 18/01/05 Match
My Philosophy Ben Folds Five Music 17/01/05 Match
Take Your Mama Scissor Sisters Music 17/01/05 Match
Laura Scissor Sisters Music See my Blog Entry from 1/16 17/01/05 Match
Common People William Shatner and Joe Jackson Music Ben Folds produced this, so this rocks! 17/01/05 Match
The Car Song The Orphins Music 17/01/05 Match
Los Angeles... The Decemberists Music 17/01/05 Match
Lion Thief The Beta Band Music 17/01/05 Match
Treetop Rider Stephen Stills Music 17/01/05 Match
For Emily Whenever Simon and Garfunkel Music 17/01/05 Match
Here It Comes Longwave Music Chameleons UK, anyone? 17/01/05 Match
Walk Into The Sun Dirty Vegas Music Critics seem to be down on them these days, but I really like this tune 17/01/05 Match
Tumble and Fall Feeder Music 17/01/05 Match
Complete Control Clash Music 17/01/05 Match
Sometimes Always Jesus and Mary Chain Music 17/01/05 Match
Fade Into You Mazzy Star Music 17/01/05 Match
Holloween The Dream Syndicate Music 17/01/05 Match
Misread Kings of Convenience Music 17/01/05 Match
Tomorrow, Wendy Concrete Blonde Music 17/01/05 Match