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Life of Pi Yann Martel Books Drawing parallels between zoology and theology, Martel's novel is by turns amusing, intellectually astute, and poignant. 23/10/04 Match
The Divine Conspiracy Dallas Willard Books Willard challenges, provokes, encourages, and chastises those of us who have been brought up in a traditional way and have become far too comforatable with accepting the status quo. This book is a breath of fresh air, but you need to beware - don't read it if you don't really want to change at your core being! Willard clearly explains how God demands change at the core and nothing else will truly cut it. 27/09/04 Match
The Team Handbook Peter R. Scholtes, Barbara J. Streibel, Brian L. Joiner Books High-performing teams can only exist when they revel in discovery, battle well, grow together, and live their purpose. This handbook is the foremost resource on teamwork for both leaders and team members. 25/09/04 Match
Whole Pedro the Lion Music Very quiet, distortionless, melodic and often uplifting music coupled with delicate vocals make this album very soothing and relaxing to listen to. It is more like a conversation about the complexities of life set to a musical backdrop - not undergirded by certainty, but by resolute faith and humility. 23/09/04 Match
No Man is an Island Thomas Merton Books Our lives, if viewed by themselves, are senseless and without meaning. I first read this book while in college in 1996 - recently I have come back to it to read a few pages a day, and reference the scriptures that Merton cites. Recommended without reservation! 07/09/04 Match
The Battle for Everything Five for Fighting Music 07/09/04 Match
The Story We Find Ourselves In Brian McLaren Books This book and its predecessor, A New Kind of Christian, are excellent reads for anyone feeling frustrated with the "Christian" gospel of prosperity- which lacks sacrifice, surrender, and a view that is larger than ourselves. The Story We Find Ourselves In, is a moving tale about struggling to understand what it means to live out the gospel in our post-modern world. 07/09/04 Match
Spirit of the Century Blind Boys of Alabama Music Yes, they are really blind! Songs: Amazing Grace, Give a Man a Home 07/09/04 Match
The Beautiful Letdown Switchfoot Music Songs: Beautiful Letdown, Meant to Live 07/09/04 Match
Ten Thousand Days Bebo Norman Music Songs: Walk Down this Mountain 07/09/04 Match
Hymns: Ancient and Modern Passion Music Songs: Father -Let me Dedicate, All Creatures of our God and King 07/09/04 Match