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Riri's Brain Dump's rank is: Default Dude, gathered from 27 people.
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Seal IV Seal Music 28/11/03 Match
And So The Story Goes Maria Montell Music 24/11/03 Match
Best Of Cesaria Evora Music 24/11/03 Match
Songs from the West Coast Elton John Music 12/11/03 Match
Reevolution Etienne Daho Music 10/11/03 Match
Folklore Nelly Furtado Music 10/11/03 Match
No Stranger to Shame Uncle Kraker Music 09/09/03 Match
No Angel Dido Music 09/09/03 Match
Something to Remember Madonna Music 09/09/03 Match
Life of Pi Yann Martel Books 09/09/03 Match
Lovers Rock Sade Music 13/08/03 Match
Anamorphosee Mylene Farmer Music 13/08/03 Match
Chicago Rob Marshall DVD 11/08/03 Match
Amplified Heart Everything But The Girl Music 11/08/03 Match
Love Sensuality Devotion Enigma Music 11/08/03 Match