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Fast and the Furious Universal Pictures VHS Oh god. watch this movie. Its really cool and i know nothing about cars. 05/07/03 Match
HArry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J.K.Rowling Books This book was quite interesting. I have read all her other ones and by far my favorite is still the Goblet of Fire. This one did have some new twists and turns for "our famed heros"... 05/07/03 Match
Dreamcatcher Stephen King Books This book is not really that scary. It actually kinda funny. Supposed to be a horror... 28/06/03 Match
Bring Me to Life Evanescence Music This song is also from Daredevil. Its a really good song. 28/06/03 Match
My Immortal Exanescence Music This song is really sad. It came from the movie Daredevil. Its really good... 28/06/03 Match
Rainbow 6 Tom Clancy Books Read this book. Its all about a secret op team going on a bunch of missions. Way cool. 28/06/03 Match